Due to a lack of interest, TF2Replay is shutting down on 1 May 2014. Thanks for your support!

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Things you should know before you post >>
• To prevent spamming you can post a replay only each half an hour.
• If you want your video to be added to the replay system. Make sure to set "Embedding" to Yes and your video is not Private.
• The video needs to be a TF2 Replay or your submission will not be added to the feed.
• Some times the WebAPI of Youtube doesn't get directly updated when you upload your video. Wait 5 minutes and then try/post again.
• The system checks for the standard replay tags so please do not remove or edit the first 5 standard tags from your youtube video!
• Your video is allowed to be 2 minutes in duration. This cause of people posting replays wich where to long and disrupting the feedviewer flow

Other stuff >>
• The feed viewer doesn't work with any version of Internet Explorer, this is cause Youtube/Google didn't made there WebAPI compatible with Internet Explorer.
• On load up the feed shows the 45 latest entries.
• Some users didn't login for the first time yet. This may cause the amount of people shown online not matching with the count of people watching the feed.
• The area with online users is not updated real time and only updated on each refresh to keep the bandwidth meter down.
• If there are multiple users at your computer (IP) please make sure to log out when you leave.

• Do you have any questions, feedback or bug reports? Add me: grouverr (NOTE: People who only add me for the add will get deleted.)
• ....or click the bright orange button on the right to leave some feedback and let other people vote on your ideas/thoughts.
• ....to motivate people, if your idea gets enough votes and gets picked you will earn your self a nice exclusive bold color.

  • - We added a new newsfeed to keep you posted about things.
  • - This week TF2Replay.com migrated to a new dedicated server!
  • - Since the 2 June update you need to login through Steam once if you are new.
  • - Since the 2 June update you can see which users are online and viewing the feed.
  • - Happy about TF2Replay.com? Mail your happy quote to grouver.tf2[at]gmail[dot]com
  • - We have fixed the Youtube API not being updated.
  • - The first idea has been added. See the Steam Forums TF2Replay thread for more info.
  • - You can own multiple accounts on your computer bounded to one SteamID.
  • - Bitcoin address added for donations.
  • - I have resetted the feed viewer views cause of the color pattern we saw for a while.

Are you also happy with TF2Replay.com? Send a email to: grouver.tf2[at]gmail[dot]com with your quote (140 characters max.) and nickname.

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"Wow I really like this site, ever since I posted my replay it's been getting alot of views. Keep up the good work!" -CANDY_SHOTGUN-

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